‘The delivery boy is here.’

It’s a phrase we often use in routine. But how often do we come across a delivery girl/woman? The delivery executive job is predominantly taken up by one gender in our country and throughout the world. There might be cultural reasons behind the trend. But, it is about to change. Delivery companies, in general, are now trying to strengthen the participation of the female workforce and bring about diversity on the DE front.

 The QWQER Model

The objective of QWQER is not just to bring in diversity or encourage the participation of other genders but also to identify and promote a unique set of skills. Women are built differently, and it’s not rightly noticed or utilised in our workspaces. A powerful female fleet can work wonders by bringing great changes to the delivery culture. 

What’s the Difference?

For a start, women are generally much better at verbal communication than men, and women own their feelings better. Being a delivery executive means having to deal with different kinds of people. Women can handle such communications better than men and often put their egos down more compared to men. Also, studies show that women are better leaders. These extraordinary skills are vital for a delivery executive to lead a team and take responsibility for oneself and others.

Better Job Conditions

One of the primary reasons why women hesitate to take up this profession is the lack of safe and suitable working conditions. Society at large, being male-moulded, gets a little tricky for a woman to take up this job. QWQER is all set to take extra care of the female delivery executives. The job environment at QWQER is inclusive, and the qualities necessary here are just hard work and dedication. 

Hyperlocal Deliveries

The emergence of hyperlocal deliveries has brought more flexible opportunities to this profession. It helps a DE to select shorter-distance deliveries that stay in the confines of urban spaces. It also provides easier delivery jobs. Women who are stepping into deliveries for the first time can try shorter deliveries before moving into longer-distance deliveries.

The Eternal Question: Why Not?

Just because something is happening in a particular manner does not mean it is the right way forward. Every day, every moment is an opportunity for renewal. The norm that most of the DEs are male is now changing. The working conditions have come a long way, the opportunities have risen, and the fact that women have identified the perks of financial freedom has changed the scenario for the better.

It’s time to say the delivery girl is here!