QWQER leaders share how they’re always a step ahead

Bridging the gap between users and customers, QWQER’s leaders are sustaining SMBs and enabling growth. The company has grown into a reliable, trustworthy, and transparent hyperlocal delivery platform in just 4 years. Prakash Velayudhan and Vineetha Chidambaran, share how the team of six in 2019 is now functioning with 100 employees!

Overcoming challenges by being alert to customer demands

The hardest challenges we face as a comprehensive delivery service platform are the unpredictable nature of the market and its sudden fluctuations. Also, our customers demand that we remain very flexible in terms of our offerings and services. This requires us to be constantly agile and alert about our customer demands.

QWQER: Furnishing hassle-free delivery at convenience

With 75+ years in various facets of the undertaking, providing well-rounded and holistic expertise at the helm, the diverse team at QWQER unites in its passion to grow and drive the company to newer heights through shared ownership and responsibility for the further success  

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