QWQER Hyperlocal Delivery: A Story

Pallavi was back home from grocery shopping. She was exhausted, so she switched on the fan and fell onto the sofa, closed her eyes trying to regain her senses. A short moment passed while she opened her eyes and noticed that something was out of place, on her dining table. Something, that wasn’t supposed to be there, was there. It was a tiffin box, packed and ready to be taken to the office by her husband. Disappointment and anger filled within her at the thought of the effort she took to prepare the food early in the morning.


It was during an evening meet up, someone told her about a point-to-point delivery app that can handle hyperlocal deliveries. Even though the thought passed her mind at the instant she saw the tiffin box, she was too angry to continue that line of thought. Now, she has to take the public transport during this scorching hour to deliver it to his office. She was in no way going to allow her early morning efforts to go to waste. But does it mean she has to take extra efforts for that. She thought no. She took her phone and downloaded the QWQER app from Google Play Store.


Pallavi was no tech aficionado. But she could find her way easily through the app setup. She logged in to the app with her phone number, and proceeded to the homepage where she saw the delivery icon. She clicked on it and a map of her home town welcomed her. She entered the pickup and delivery location – pickup at her home and delivery at her husband’s office about 11 kms away. She uploaded the photo of the item, and entered further details, placed the order with Cash on Delivery as the payment method.


Groceries, instant foods, masalas & spices, dry fruits, cleaning products… and the list went on. She was swiping through the in-app shopping page in the QWQER app. Almost everything she needed for her home was there in the app. The groceries she bought from the market during the morning sat at the corner of her kitchen. “Maybe next time I won’t have to endure a struggle to fetch essentials for home”, she thought to herself and smiled.

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