QWQER Delivery Boy: A Story

Raju is a happy-go-lucky guy. He is friendly and courteous to all. He makes friends wherever he go because of his friendly nature. But life was hard on him. He has duties to fulfil and many financial needs of his own and for his family. He is a graduate but in a world where even postgraduates and professionally qualified people find it difficult to get a job, Raju’s struggle and failure is obvious.

The QWQER job

And that’s when he heard of QWQER through a friend. QWQER is an app that pick up and drops items from one location to another. For the same, QWQER needs Delivery Executives or DEs. There was a few vacancies, fortunately at that time. His friend Nikhil had told about an ad he saw in facebook and thought it was perfect for Raju, as Raju had his good, old bike and loves riding. The vacancy was for people who own a two-wheeler of their own. So Raju applied and became a QWQER DE or QWQER Delivery Executive.

Life at QWQER

Raju’s life as a Delivery Executive was smooth. As he loves meeting and helping people otherwise too, he enjoyed the job. He even delivered in adverse weather and received much positive feedback from many customers. Once there was an emergency situation in which a small boy fell down, had a sprain and needed first aid supplies immediately. Raju’s duty time was over but he understood the situation and went to deliver it within 30 minutes! He became famous after that incident in the QWQER family. In a short while, Raju emerged as the top performer because of his punctuality, discipline and professionalism. His friends in QWQER were happy for him.

The QWQER opportunity

QWQER is a good place to work, thought Raju. There is a ‘Refer & Earn’ Programme through which he can refer any of his friends who has a two, three or four wheeler of their own to become a delivery partner in  QWQER. So he referred his friend Manu who was also looking for a job like him. And this programme became beneficial to Manu as well as Raju. Raju got 2000 rupees when Manu completed 150 orders.

More surprises from QWQER

More surprises were awaiting Raju from QWQER. His friend Gopal from the QWQER family called him to tell that there’s a surprise for him. He walked into the QWQER office and all were clapping. Raju’s next feather in his cap was awaiting him. He has won the QWQER Road Runner award for the highest single day delivery. He was just smiling like anything and went home happily. That’s when he received an unexpected call from his friend Shalini. He picked the call and was about to tell his good news when she was telling she has a good news too. Shalini has won a silver coin for her excellence in delivery. So it was double happiness for the two friends.

QWQER brings happiness to many lives like this. Count on QWQER to get your things delivered on time!

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