QWQER Services and Its Manifold Advantages

QWQER offers a comprehensive delivery solution according to the specific needs of the customer. QWQER services cater to individuals, as well as small and big businesses.

QWQER Services

The QWQER services mainly constitute Hyperlocal Deliveriesand QWQER Shop. The point-to-point pick up and drop for both the individuals and businesses comes under hyperlocal deliveries. The QWQER hyperlocal delivery has a wide network that even extends to tier 2 cities. QWQER Shop is the in-app shopping facility that allows an individual to shop essentials online from the nearest stores using QWQER App. 

Advantages of QWQER Services

  • Fast – QWQER has a large and efficient fleet that can take care of all sorts of deliveries in a time-bound manner. The estimated time is calculated beforehand. The customer can track the deliveries at each stage and make sure that the delivery reaches on time.  

  • Time Saving – Entrusting your deliveries to QWQER means having one less to worry about. For individuals, one might go on with their daily chores while the deliveries are taken care of by the QWQER team. For businesses it can often be a blessing. Because, your time can be spent more productively in the other facets of your business while QWQER handles your delivery.
  • Convenient – Technology makes everything easier, so your deliveries. The aid of mobile & web-based platforms makes your deliveries easier and more convenient. For individuals, the QWQER app is a one-point solution for both hyperlocal deliveries and essential shopping. The business deliveries can be booked and tracked via the QWQER website. The competent Delivery Executives also contribute to making the delivery experience convenient.

  • Flexible – QWQER fleet consists of 2, 3 and 4-wheelers to take care of the delivery needs. The size of your package determines the size of the delivery vehicle. This flexible nature makes the deliveries economical and easier for both the customers and the delivery executives. Thus, the fleet can handle small & big deliveries alike. Also, an option to schedule the deliveries is available thus making the pickups and drops much more flexible.

  • User Friendly – The QWQER mobile app and website platforms are designed keeping in mind the least technologically proficient person. The interface is simple and functionality is the main focus.

Happy QWQERing!

The newfound glory in delivery services tells how busy our life has become. That, prioritising what’s important has become more significant than ever. The new world order demands new techniques, new ways of doing things and sometimes new shortcuts. QWQER is one such shortcut. To get things done at minimum effort, to get stuff from afar, to buy essentials from the nearest stores. The ease of placing and making your delivery at economical rates is what QWQER is all about. Got delivery necessities? Stay where you are and just QWQER it!


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