You might be a working woman, a bachelor at the dawn of your profession, or a single parent whose whole life revolves around the single objective of raising one’s child by providing nothing but the best. And, the fact that your life can get busy beyond your control is often an inevitability.

Everyday Essentials

Sometimes you notice that life happens between earning and spending, working and sleeping, or homemaking and shopping. Amidst that, shopping groceries and other essentials can carve out what’s left of your precious daily life. From groceries to cleaning products, the list of everyday home essentials just goes on and on. The advent of online shopping has delivered the long-awaited change in this scene. You can shop on QWQER App from the comfort of your home while engaged in your free time hobby.

Order Pickups and Drops

Sending over stuff to other places doesn’t mean you have to carry it yourselves. With QWQER hyperlocal delivery, point-to-point deliveries are not your headaches anymore. Book a delivery on QWQER App and forget about it!

Discover the Hobbies Again

The personal is the most important. An evening to sit around to have fun playing board games, casually paint a picture or read fiction in complete solace can be rare events once responsibilities start eating up our lives.

In those scenarios, we need certain shortcuts to take the loads off.

Carrying the Load

As mentioned above, the QWQER App offers two great solutions for everyday chores. One, is the hyperlocal delivery that helps you to send or pickup things via delivery executives. Two, the in-app shopping that allows you to shop from the stores near you (Available only in Kochi and Coimbatore). The QWQER hyperlocal delivery extends to tier 2 cities too.


Make Way for Self-Care

“Self-Care” is the essential slogan that we often forget. Let’s make it a priority and practice in our daily lives. Let’s eliminate the chores that can be eliminated. Like, why go out to shop when you can get essentials delivered to your home?

The time you spend commuting can be saved for better things in life while still fulfilling the shopping and delivery duties. Download the QWQER App and discover convenience.

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